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Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1987, Law Office of Michael K Wax, APC has taken great pride in helping our clients use the law effectively to respond to tragedy or trouble. Michael and his and staff are devoted to helping our clients achieve the very best results.

When a client has suffered a physical injury or endured an employer’s wrongful conduct, our legal system is powerless to turn back the clock and undo the harm. But what we as advocates can do – and commit to each new client that we will do – is work compassionately and skillfully to right the wrong by achieving full and fair compensation for the harm done. We never forget that our clients entrust to us their lives, careers, and futures.  When we accept a new case, that case becomes a cause. We do the homework, the leg work, and the brain work necessary to achieve a just outcome.

Our firm’s reputation is founded upon core values: clients come first; demand excellence; honesty, integrity and diligent preparation; take intelligent risks. With every case we take and pursue to a successful conclusion, we affirm these values and our reputation.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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